Governing Structure

Since May 2010, the Society has restructured. Committees and working groups are formed on a permanent basis through which members give advice on the continuous development of BEAM under the lead of the Board of Directors .

Board of Directors :

Ms Ivy LEE Siu Wing Leigh & Orange Limited
1st Vice Chairperson
Mr Ho Kin LI /
2nd Vice Chairperson
Sr Frankie SO Hung Fai LESK Solutions
Hon. Secretary
Ir Colin CHUNG Chi Leong WSP (Asia) Ltd.
Hon. Treasurer
Mr Alexander (Sandy) Main DUGGIE Urbis Limited
Immediate Past Chairperson
Mr Kai Ming SO Urban Group
Elected Directors
Mr Benny AU Pui Nang Swire Properties Ltd
Sr Kenneth CHAN Jor Kin KC Surveyors Ltd
Ir Raymond CHOI Wai Man The HongKong Electric Company Limited
Mr Paul CHONG Kin Lit Southa Holdings Limited
Ir Sai King HO /
Ar Yvonne IEONG In Leng Y.I. & Associates Ltd
Ir Chi Shing LEUNG Urban Property Management Limited
Ir Alvin LO Tsz Yeung CLPe Solutions Ltd.
Ir Nelson TAM Yuen Kwong Telemax Environmental and Energy Management Limited
Ir Sr Martin WAN Chun Wah Operation & Maintenance Platform and Mobile Apps Solutions
Nominated Directors (By Designated Institute)
Mr Ivan CHAN Business Environment Council Ltd
Ir Dr Ka Lung CHAN The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Ltd
Ir Thomas CHAN Kwok Cheung The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Ar Thomas CHEUNG Kong Yeung The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Dr Benny CHOW Ka Ming Construction Industry Council
Mr Craig Ian DOUBLEDAY The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects
Sr Nelson HO Siu Leung The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management
Mr Lirivs LEE Wai Lam The Hong Kong Institute of Planners
Ir Sam LEE Wing Sun Building Services Operation & Maintenance Executives Society
Ir Barry SIN Wing Ning Hong Kong Construction Association
Ir Garrick SZE Kin Ping The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong
Sr Kenny TSE Chi Kin Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
Ms Eva WONG Hiu Kwan Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies
Mr Franklin YU Professional Green Building Council
Ms YOUNG Sue Sue Louisa Hong Kong Interior Design Association
Organization Chart