BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB)

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB)


Hong Kong has over 42,000 existing buildings stocks. Majority of them are over thirty years old. Encouraging building owners of these buildings, especially in private sector, to adopt green building management and upgrading the building services systems can play a significant role in the world of sustainability. The EB assessment tool aims to embrace more participation in “Green” Existing Building, encourage more energy saving, and educate and induce behavioural change.


BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0

  • The launch of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0 was kicked off on 25 Sept 2015; Project registration shall be taken place in 24 March 2016. You can register new projects through the Online Registration Form on HKGBC website:

  • The upgraded version embraced more existing buildings to participate in the green building movement through
    (i)widening the flexibility in the assessment frameworks for options
    (ii)accommodating different building age, building types and encouraging owners' involvement in the EB tools.




Existing Buildings (EB) v2.0 - Comprehensive Scheme
(2016 Edition)
Existing Buildings (EB) v2.1 - Selective Scheme
(2022 Edition)


English Version


English Version
BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 – Comprehensive Scheme
(Download PDF Format)
BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.1 – Selective Scheme
(Download PDF Format) 


Other Versions

  • BEAM Plus EB v2.0 - Comprehensive Scheme
  • BEAM Plus EB v2.0 - Selective Scheme [Date of Last Update: 7 October 2022]
  • Declaration Form


    1. Individual building project assessed for MAN and EU category under the Existing Buildings Version 2.0 Selective Scheme is allowed to opt for assessment using the excel format of submission templates or by means of e-Forms through iBEAM.

    2. For portfolio assessment under Existing Buildings Version 2.0, projects must make submission through iBEAM after 31 December 2021.

BEAM Society Limited values your opinions and expertise in improving the BEAM Plus Existing Buildings standard. Should you have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to send them to the Technical Secretariat at [email protected].