To actualise our vision in creating a green liveable built environment, we work hand in hand with various industry partners and professional institutions who share the common goal with us in fostering professionalism and promoting the adoption of green practices.  

Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC)

Collaboration with Hong Kong Green Building Council HKGBC  BEAM Society Limited BSL

As the certification body of BEAM Plus Assessment, the HKGBC shares common vision with the BSL to transform Hong Kong into a greener and liveable built environment and improve people’s well-being. The past events co-hosted by the BSL and the HKGBC include the annual BEAM Plus Certification Ceremony and launching ceremony for the launch of new BEAM Plus tools.

Construction Industry Council (CIC)

BSL works closely with the CIC for the excellence of the industry and sustainability development of Hong Kong. We signed an agreement of the research “iBEAM Unison – Data Unification Platform to Enhance the Integrity of Environmental and Sustainability Data in Design and Construction Processes” under the CIC Research and Technology Development Fund with CIC in Jul 2022 to co-create a digital platform that enables linkage of data between BIM, BEAM Plus Assessment, CIC Carbon Assessment Tool and Sustainable Finance Certification Scheme.

Hong Kong Green Building BEAM Society BEAM Plus iBEAM Unison

Business Environment Council (BEC)

BEAM Society Hong Kong Green Building University Jockey Club BEAM Plus in Schools Projec

Upholding the vision of encouraging Hong Kong businesses to adopt green practices and contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy, the BSL joins force with BEC towards our common goal. For example, the BSL supports the “Jockey Club BEAM Plus in Schools Project” as the co-organiser, together with HKGBC, and led by BEC, to assist the school sector in reducing its carbon footprint and to instill the concept of green building into the next generation.

Other Professional Institutions

To equip the industry professionals with the latest trends and knowledge about BEAM Plus assessment tools and green buildings, the BSL collaborates with different professional institutions to host knowledge sharing sessions to facilitate industry exchange and acquisition of the professional knowledge.

Collaboration with Professional institutions HKIA HKIS HKIE HKIP BEAM Society Limited BSL