BEAM Pro Training

Fundamental Course

Candidates must complete the Fundamental Course as a prerequisite before enrolling in any BEAM Plus Elective Courses.(Instruction for Registration) 
  • 1) Introduction to the BEAM Plus framework 
  • 2) Principles and basic knowledge of the BEAM Plus rating tools
  • 3) Procedures of BEAM Plus project submission
  • BEAM Pro Fundamental Course is an online training available on BSL’s Online Training Portal.  It is a 45-minute video training, followed by an online quiz which consists of 20 multiple choice questions. Candidates are required to correctly answer 14 questions to pass the quiz. 

    Candidates shall complete the quiz within 10 calendar days, or else they will have to re-enrol in the Fundamental Course by full payment.

    Candidates who fail the quiz could gain access to the training video and retake the quiz up to a maximum of 2 times within 10 calendar days with no fee.
    Only online registration via the Online Training Portal is accepted. Registration fee would be HK$1,000. Please refer to the Instruction for Registration.

    Applicant must provide the following documents for registration: 

  • 1) Curriculum Vitae
  • 2) Certificate(s) of Education
  • 3) Certificate(s) of Professional Institute (if any)
  • 4) Proof of Supporting Organisation (if any)

    The BSL, upon receipt of the application, shall inform the applicant of course approval status by email within 10 calendar days.  

    Applicant shall settle the course payment within 3 months upon the course approval. Otherwise, the application will be rejected. 

    Candidates must complete any Elective Courses within TWO years after completion of the BEAM Pro Fundamental Course. Or else, candidates will be required to re-register for the up-to-date version of the Fundamental Course.