Assessment Fee and Procedure

Assessment Process


BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB) projects will engage two-stage assessment process (i) Provisional Assessment (PA) and (ii) Final Assessment (FA).

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB) project is only required to go through Final Assessment or both, while BEAM Plus Interiors (BI)  is only a one-stage process.

We offer two routes for application for BEAM Plus New Data Centres (NDC). Projects with Data Centre facilities can apply for Data Centres assessment alone (route 1), or to create synergy, a "1+1” application including Data Centres assessment together with New Buildings v2.0 assessment (route 2). In the latter case, the project has the benefit of obtaining two certificates (one for Data Centres and one for New Buildings) after successful assessment. To avoid the duplication of efforts and taking into account that Energy Use plays a pivotal role in the sustainability of Data Centre Buildings, only the EU aspect would be assessed for Data Centres for route 2 assessment. Scoring obtained from other aspects in the New Buildings v2.0 assessment will be transferred directly to the Data Centres assessment.

The assessment process for BEAM Plus Existing Data Centres (EDC) follows the existing practices for BEAM Plus EB assessment. The applicant can seek certification for:

  • Comprehensive Scheme A (All categories in One‐step Approach)
  • Comprehensive Scheme B (All categories in Step-wise Approach)
  • Selective Scheme (Individual category, EU and MAN aspects are mandatory)

Eligible existing data centres can only opt for assessment under BEAM Plus Existing Data Centres.

Special arrangement for submission cut-off time

In the event of a designated public holiday of more than three (3) consecutive days (including Saturday and Sunday), the cut-off time for submission of BEAM Plus Assessment materials will be 12:00 noon on the day prior to the last working day before the designated public holiday. Submission thereafter will be taken as received at 9:00 am immediately after the designated holiday.


*Submission for BEAM Plus Assessment received after 12:00noon will be recorded and processed on the following working day.