BEAM Affiliate Training

The purpose of the Examination is to test the core concept of the aspects under BEAM Plus Assessment Tools and the knowledge to support BEAM Plus projects and green buildings in areas of design, construction, operation and maintenance.
The Examination is a computer-based test with randomly generated multiple-choice questions. Candidates are required to answer 60 questions within 150 minutes. To pass, candidates must score a minimum of 45 points in the examination.

This is an open-booked examination. Hard copies of training material will be provided at the examination. The language of the Examination is English only.

Candidates may choose their preferred session of Examination as shown on the registration form. The final assigned session will depend upon availability.
Address of the examination centre (Fire Safety Evacuation Plan):
Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
17 Tseuk Luk Street,
San Po Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Rescheduling of the Examination is permitted; and candidate is allowed to submit an application ONCE, if he/she cannot attend the original scheduled date of examination. The application must be submitted to the BSL at least 10 business days before the original scheduled date of examination. An administration fee of HK$600 will be charged per application after the first confirmation email is sent to the Applicant.

If the candidate fails to attend the examination per the new schedule, he/she is required to apply for re-sitting the examination.

Provisional examination result showing "pass/fail" will be generated immediately after the examination. The candidates with a "FAIL" in provisional examination result will be notified within one month after the examination regarding their score and retake arrangement.

BEAM Practitioners Individual Account will be created by the HKGBC for candidates passing the examination. The candidates with a "PASS" in provisional examination result will receive the login information from the HKGBC around 1 month after the examination.
Login to BEAM Practitioners Individual Account: HERE

Candidates can re-take the examination after paying examination retake fee. Payment must be completed not less than 1 week before the examination retake date. Candidates who are absent from the examination due to medical reason or personal issue is eligible to re-sit the examination subject to the same additional payment.

The fee for re-taking the examination is as follows:

Member of BEAM Society Limited
Associate / Ordinary membership from 1 April 2015 onwards
Special Offer
(till 31 Dec 2024)

HK$ 350 
per examination session
Member of HKGBC
PatronInstitutionalAssociate membership
Member of Supporting Organisation


The validity period of examination retake is limited to one year from the first Examination date; Otherwise, you are required to pay for the full payment of Training and Examination fee.

Application of re-take or re-sit Examination is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You are strongly advised to apply for retaking the examination as soon as possible.

Appeal to the process, procedure and questions of the examination are accepted.

Some examples of "Appeal to Process and Procedure” are the delay in allowing candidate enter the examination centre, computer glitch, unclear instructions for the examination, etc. Candidates must provide clear and concise description of the issue or the question number under the appeal.
An administrative fee of HK$500 will be charged per process / procedure.
For appeals on examination questions, the charge would be HK$500 per question, apart from the administrative fee of HK$500. Candidates must provide the keyword of the question to support the appeal.
If the appeal is successful, the fee shall be refunded to applicant.

Appeal Process

To facilitate our handling of your appeal in an effective manner, you are required to submit the Appeal Application Form HERE with the cheque payable to "BEAM Society Limited” and send to the following address:
1/F Jockey Club Environmental Building
77 Tat Chee Avenue
Kowloon Tong
Hong Kong
Please note that appeal should be applied within 10 business days upon receiving the provisional examination result. An acknowledgement email will be issued to the Appeal Applicant within 3 business days from the day the form and cheque are received. BSL will review the case and a reply will be issued to the Appeal applicant within 20 business days.