About Us

About BEAM Society Limited

Our Commitment


Maintaining an Integrated Management System that incorporates quality, environmental, health and safety considerations to all aspects of the work and operations, BEAM Society Limited (BSL) is committed to creating a safe, green and sustainable built environment for the community, preventing pollution and mitigating potential environmental impacts arising from our projects and operations, as well as observing the principles of reduction of consumption, reuse and recycling of resources wherever practicable.

Besides, BSL’s management team is committed in continual improvement of its Environmental Management System. Well-regulated administrative processes and BEAM Plus assessment tools support its BEAM operational team members to deliver the assessment services, professional development, training and examination process to cope with clients’ and interested parties’ needs and expectations in applying sustainable building and environmental protection measures.

On top of that, the BSL’ s office has achieved Platinum rating under BEAM Plus Interiors v1.0, which demonstrates our continual efforts in identifying and applying market available environmental-friendly materials, technology and operational practices in sustainable green building development, as well as our commitment to sustainability.


Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

A sustainable community and a green liveable built environment in harmony with nature.


Mission Statement

To administer and develop the BEAM Plus assessment tools, and build capacity in the community through education and training to advance health and well-being.




Society members work to continually enhance and refine BEAM to meet the expectations of all interested parties (in particular building users), and to encourage and assist the local building industry to move towards sustainable development. Professional Management team of the organisation continuously reviews the BEAM assessment criteria to meet the expectations of all stakeholders (including developers, designers, regulatory authorities, contractors, managers occupiers and product / service providers) in both the private and public sectors.