BEAM Plus Assessment Tool

Green buildings use less energy and reduce water and material usages than conventional buildings which in turn limit greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of the BEAM Plus assessment is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings while maintaining and, in fact in many areas, even improving quality of the built environment and users’ satisfaction by adopting the best techniques, practices, and standards compatible with prevailing economic constraints.

Development of Tools Version

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Version 2.0 (EB)
  • The launch of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0 was kicked off on 25 Sept 2015; Project registration shall be taken place in 24 March 2016. You can register new projects through the Online Registration Form on HKGBC website:
  • The upgraded version embraced more existing buildings to participate in the green building movement through
    (i) widening the flexibility in the assessment frameworks for options
    (ii) accommodating different building age, building types and encouraging owners' involvement in the EB tools.

BEAM Plus Version 1.2 (NB & EB)
  • Rolled out on 3 July 2012 and became mandatory on 1 January 2013. You can register new projects through the Online Registration Form on HKGBC website:
  • This enhanced version addresses issues from stakeholders for passive design, and includes minor amendments to other aspects.
  • The Energy Use (EU) Aspect of BEAM Plus Version 1.2 provides two alternative routes for building assessment.

Latest Versions

Other Versions

Assessment Process

New Building projects will engage two-stage assessment process (i) Provisional Assessment (PA) and (ii) Final Assessment (FA); Existing Building project is only required to go through Final Assessment or both, while BEAM Plus Interior is only a one-stage process.


Project Information Fact Sheet

Submission Checklist

Submission Template



Credit Summary Template

New Buildings V1.2 & V1.1
[In general, to use template "New Buildings V1.2 & V1.1",
you need to have below versions of Microsoft Excel :
a) Microsoft Excel 2010
b) Microsoft Excel 2013, OR
c) Microsoft Excel 2016.

Existing Buildings V2.0 Selective Scheme
Existing Buildings V1.2

Download Application Forms

*Submission for BEAM Plus Assessment received after 12:00noon will be recorded and processed on the following working day.

Special arrangement for submission cut-off time
In the event of a designated public holiday of more than three (3) consecutive days (including Saturday and Sunday), the cut-off time for submission of BEAM Plus Assessment materials will be 12:00 noon on the day prior to the last working day before the designated public holiday. Submission thereafter will be taken as received at 9:00 am immediately after the designated holiday.
Download of LCEA Software

*This software has been a popular tool used for BEAM assessment. With the kind consent of EMSD, we can make it available at the above address for those who have yet to download the software. As the software and its database was developed for several years and is now provided solely out of goodwill, EMSD and BSL shall, under no circumstances, be responsible for any information accuracy, direct, indirect, consequential or special loss or damage arising out of the use of given LCEA software.