With the aim of collecting views from stakeholders on various development of BSL, such as iBEAM, an assessment automation system and other new BEAM Plus assessment tools, the BSL hosts stakeholder engagement workshops and conducts consultation regularly.  

Development of iBEAM

With its launch in 2021, assessment automation system – iBEAM has been serving as an integrated green building cloud data platform which automates BEAM Plus assessment. To further optimise the platform, different stakeholders are welcome to share your views on iBEAM to us via email ([email protected]).

Hong Kong Green Building Data BEAM Society iBEAM

Invitation of Partnering Organisation to join the Pilot-testing Assessment of BEAM Plus Interiors (BI) v2.0

Hong Kong Green Building BEAM Society BEAM Plus

In order to embrace the latest government standards and integrate the best project practices, the BSL has taken the initiative to revamp the existing BI manual and was pleased to announce the soft launch of BEAM Plus BI v2.0 (Beta 0) in Feb 2022. 

Currently we are looking for partnering organisations to join the pilot-testing assessment of the Tool.

 Interested parties are welcome to contact Ms Samantha CHAN of BSL at 3610 5732 or email to [email protected]