BEAM Plus Bespoke

BEAM Plus Bespoke

BEAM Plus Bespoke has been introduced to provide avenue for assessment to the special building types which are not covered under the current BEAM Plus tools.

Three fundamental principles of BEAM Plus Bespoke:

i. All Bespoke projects shall follow the objectives of BEAM Plus credits as far as practicable.

ii. Relevant existing BEAM Plus credit requirements and benchmarks shall be reformulated to suit Bespoke building type in question with justifications.

iii. Performance based assessment shall be applied.

Eligible projects include:

i. Buildings with restricted access (e.g. military building, prison, fire station, power substation, airport, boundary crossing facility)

ii. Buildings not normally occupied or for transient stay (e.g. pump house, sewage treatment plant, carpark building)

iii. Buildings subject to specialised environmental control requirements (e.g. data centre, museum, hospital, cultural performance venue, cinema, lab)

iv. Heritage buildings with special constraints on alterations and additions

v. Any other building types not listed above subject to BSL’s acceptance

i. Vetting

ii. Development

iii. Assessment

The development timeline for BEAM Plus Bespoke is dependent on the scope and complexity of eligible projects.

BEAM Society Limited values your opinions and expertise in improving the BEAM Plus Bespoke standard. Should you have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to send them to the Technical Secretariat at [email protected].