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Training Fee Discount 2022

Training and Examination | 15 Feb 2022

Training Fee Discount 2022

BEAM Society Limited - Training Discount


To support the professional development of the industry amid the pandemic, the BEAM Society Limited (BSL) is pleased to announce a special discount up to 50% off for accreditation training and examination, Upgrade Training Course for BEAM Pro and CPD Training with effect from 15th February 2022.

The discount will last till 31st December 2022. Don’t miss the offer and pave the way to your professional development now. The details are as follows.


Training and Examination Fee#

Special Offer for Members**

(Up to 50% off)

BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB) v2.0

HK$1,700 (HK$3,500)

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB) v2.0

HK$1,000 (HK$2,000)

BEAM Plus Interiors (BI) v1.0

HK$500 (HK$1,000)

BEAM Plus Neighbourhood (ND) v1.0

HK$500 (HK$1,000)

BEAM Plus New Data Centres (NDC) v1.0

HK$500 (HK$1,000)

BEAM Plus Existing Data Centres (EDC) v1.0

HK$500 (HK$1,000)

BEAM Affiliate Training

HK$1,000 (HK$2,000)

Upgrade Training Course for BEAM Professional

HK$250/hr (HK$500)

CPD Training for BEAM Professional, BEAM Affiliate and Members

HK$25/hr (HK$50/hr)

#BSL also offers discounted examination retake fee to ALL. For details, please click HERE.

**Exclusive for:

1) Associate / Ordinary Member of BEAM Society Limited (member since April 2015)

2) Patron / Institutional / Associate Member of Hong Kong Green Building Council (member since November 2009)


- To qualify for the above discount, members must settle the payment before 31st December 2022.

- In the case of any disputes, the BSL reserves the rights of final decision.


Should you have any queries regarding training and examination, please reach us at 3610 5719 or email [email protected].