iBEAM (Assessment Automation System)

iBEAM is an Assessment Automation System aimed at automating the current assessment process and other related business workflow. The automation enables the assessment to increase efficiency, enhance consistency, reduce human dependence and mitigate risks of bribery and other irregular practices. The first phase of the system is expected to launch in April 2021.

What's New

Date Updates
12 November 2020 Register Now: 3rd Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Riding on the success of the two rounds of Stakeholder Engagement Workshops held in June and October 2020, BSL has further upgraded the Assessment Automation System to enhance its practicality and user-friendliness.

In the 3rd Stakeholder Engagement Workshop, we are ready to introduce:
1. More development of project management workflow
2. Preliminary knowledge database design
3. Way forward

Date: 30 November 2020 (Monday)
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Training Format: Webinar (by GoToWebinar)
Fee: Free-of-charge

1 CPD hours for BEAM Pro / BEAM Affiliate

Registration and details: (Gotowebinar link)
10 November 2020 Register Now: iBEAM Xperience Studio

Held across late December 2020 till late January 2021 (tentative), the iBEAM Xperience Studio allows you to gain first-hand experience of the state-of-the-art assessment system by navigating the user interface thoroughly at your convenience during the said period. As a token of appreciation, you will be entitled to:
1. Be one of the first of experience the system
2. Comment on and make changes to the system
3. 8 CPD hours (for BEAM Practitioners)
4. BSL Exclusive souvenir
5. Acknowledgement on iBEAM web page

View the event flyer
Registration: Click Here
23 October 2020 Available Now: 2nd Stakeholder Engagement Workshop (Video)

The 2nd Stakeholder Engagement Workshop was successfully held on 15 October, with around 200 audience joining us online. The Workshop unveiled:

1. Highlights of iBEAM Features
2. Detailed Elaboration on iBEAM Design and Features
a. Project Registration Process
b. e-Forms/Document Submission Process
3. Way Forward

View the presentation materials
22 June 2020 Available Now: 1st Stakeholder Engagement Workshop (Video)

The first Stakeholder Engagement Workshop of iBEAM was conducted online on 10 June. It covered:

1. An overview of the BSL’s future Assessment Automation System
2. A demonstration on top of a similar existing e-submission platform
3. A high-level development storyboard presentation

View the presentation materials

Stakeholder Engagement

The iBEAM development team is hosting a series of stakeholder engagement events to solicit the views and feedback from different groups of stakeholders. This enables the iBEAM system to function in accordance with the stakeholders' expectations. All comments are carefully reviewed and incorporated onto the iBEAM system to ensure a top notch user experience.

Queries from Stakeholder Engagement Workshops and corresponding response are presented as follows:

Response to Queries for the 2nd iBEAM Stakeholder Engagement Workshop on 15 October 2020


Other FAQs based on Stakeholder Engagement Workshops, follow-up questionnaires and focus-group meetings can be found in this section.

The system will initially provide access right to (a) 1 Project Administrator account, (b) 12 Active Projects Users and (c) 37 Project Users. This setup balances between practicality and account maintenance.

Yes, the system will automatically generate a report upon completion of the assessment. Users can retrieve the summary report anytime to review their results.

Yes. User could amend the targeted rating and the associated number of attempted credits prior to the submission of the assessment package for vetting.

Questions and Comments

If you have any other questions about iBEAM, please contact us directly at assessment_Automation@beamsociety.org.hk.