Online Services Registration
Online Services Registration Should you require any assistant,
please feel free to contact us at (852) 3610 5700 or

Please register the BEAM Society Limited Online Services with ONE of your existing membership types #:

BEAM Pro HKID or Passport Number : *
(e.g. A123456(7))
BEAM Pro Number : *
(e.g. BP2009-9999)

BEAM Affiliate HKID or Passport Number : *
(e.g. A123456(7))
BEAM Affiliate Number : *
(e.g. BA2009-9999)

BEAM Society Limited Member
(membership after 01 April 2015 including: Honorary Member / Ordinary Member / Associate Member)
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General Member
(for BEAM Pro or BEAM Affiliate Training & Examination registration or those who are interested in enjoying BSL’s online CPD training with standard price.)
# If you possess more than one membership, you should choose among your existing memberships and register with ONE Membership Type only.
For example, if you are both a BEAM Pro and a BEAM Society Limited Member, you should register as “BEAM Society Limited Member”.