Q1. Being an existing BEAM Pro, do I need to re-enrol the New BEAM Pro Training and Examination?

No, you do not need to re-enrol the New BEAM Pro Training and Examination (including the Fundamental and Elective Course).

However, you are required to maintain your BEAM Pro credential by fulfilling the annual CPD requirement (6 Mandatory CPD Hours + 9 General CPD Hours).

You are also required to enrol the Upgrade Training Courses when there are revamps of BEAM Plus assessment tools.

Q2. Being an existing BEAM Pro, do I need to enrol Fundamental Course before enrolling Elective Course?

No, existing BEAM Pro do not need to enrol Fundamental Course before opting in any Elective Course.

Q3. If the applicant has the professional qualification other than the listed professional institutes (i.e. HKIA, HKIE, HKILA, HKIP, HKIS), will the applicant be considered eligible to apply?

BEAM Society will consider other professional qualification in Built Environment related disciplines. Applicant should submit copy of the professional qualification(s) and academic certificate(s) together with the registration form for consideration.

Q4. Please specify what degree or equivalent in Built Environment is needed to fulfil the pre-requisite for BEAM Pro Training.

Applicant should obtain a degree or equivalent in Built Environment that is related to building planning, design, construction, facility management and environmental science, such as in Architecture, Engineering, Urban Planning, Environmental Science and Surveying. Details of BEAM Pro Training can be found on the website 

Q5. Once exam date is confirmed, can I change it?

Reschedule of the examination is permitted; and candidate is allowed to submit their application ONCE, if he/she cannot attend the original scheduled date of examination. The application must be submitted to BEAM Society at least 10 working days before the original scheduled date of examination. An Administration Fee of HK$600 will be applied per application. Otherwise, a full examination fee will be charged for re-taking the examination.

Q6. What is the format of examination?

Examinations are open book and in English. Examinations are computer based and questions are randomly generated. Candidates are required to answer multiple choice questions within a period of time. Details of BEAM Pro examination can be found on the website http://www.hkgbc.org.hk/eng/beamproexam.aspx

Q7. Why do I need to provide BEAM Society Limited with my HKID No.?

For identification purpose, applicants are required to provide HKID/Passport no. The information will be submitted to Hong Kong Examinations & Assessment Authority or BEAM Society Limited for verification of candidates’ identity upon examination.

Q8. What is the requirement to retain the status of BEAM Pro?

BEAM Pro are required to obtain at least 15 CPD hours per annum in order to maintain the BEAM Pro status. Details of BEAM Pro CPD programme can be found on the website http://www.beamsociety.org.hk/en_cpd_1.php

Q9. BEAM Plus Neigbourhood V1.0 (Introduction - assessment framework)

  • On page 5 of manual: The following is written: ”The Impact Area refers to the area between Site Boundary and the parallel platted line 500m away from the Site Boundary.” But in Figure 1, a distance of 500m walking distance is mentioned.  Which one is the correct, a 500m parallel line or 500m walking distance?

  • Response:
  • An Impact Area refers to the area extended 500m from the Site Boundary. 

Q10. BEAM Plus Neigbourhood V1.0 (Introduction - Performance Aspects and Aspect Weighting)

  • On page 11 of manual: In example 2 the Weighted Achieved Score for CA should be 16% and the Weighted Achieved Score for SA should be 13.3 % ?

  • Response:
  • There is a typo on the manual. Under example 2 on page 11, the weighted Achieved Score for CA should be 16% , while SA should be 13.2%.

Q11. For the BEAM Plus New Buildings v2.0, will the examination cover BEAM Plus assessment procedures? If yes, would the project assessment procedures manual be provided for open-book?

The scope of BEAM Plus NBv2.0 Examination shall include the basic concept of BEAM Plus and credit-related knowledge of the Tool. Only BEAM Plus Manual will be provided as open-book materials for candidates during examination. The Project Assessment Procedures Manual may serve as a guidebook which allows BEAM practitioners to understand the assessment procedure and responsibilities for conducting a BEAM Plus assessment.