Become a BEAM Professional

BEAM Professionals (BEAM Pro) are accredited to promote the principles of green building and facilitate the green building certification process. They are green building professionals trained in various aspects of the entire green building life cycle. A key role of BEAM Pro is to integrate the latest green building standards and practices into everyday building planning, design, construction and operation. BEAM Pro will be responsible for advising the project team on how to achieve the required credit points to attain the client’s desired green building rating level.

Effective from 1 January 2017, the new scheme of BEAM Professional (BEAM Pro) Training and Examination comes into effect. Candidates must complete the Fundamental Course as a prerequisite before enroling the Elective Course of BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB), BEAM Plus Existing Buildings (EB), BEAM Plus Interiors (BI) and BEAM Plus Neighbourhood (ND). Candidates will be eligible to opt in to any elective course within two calendar years from the first date of examination.

For upcoming BEAM Pro Training and Examination Schedules, please click HERE.