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[3 Dec 2018] The Launch of BEAM Plus New Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0 (beta version)
03 Dec 2018

BEAM Society Limited (BSL) is pleased to announce that BEAM Plus New Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0 will soon be launched in 2019.

The new version is a positive and proactive response to the views and expectation of the community. It addresses and incorporates a wide range of sustainability issues and embraces the latest standards in defining the overall quality of new buildings in a more objective and measurable ways.

It also addresses the ideas and views of stakeholders and copes with the fast-changing needs and aspirations of the community in respect of the promotion of a healthier, sustainable and livable built environment.

The major revision of BEAM Plus NB has been developed upon the prevailing trends in sustainable development of green buildings, including, but not limited to: -

- Integrated Process
- Climate Responsiveness and Resilience
- Resources Consumption Awareness
- Human-centric Development
- Smart Technologies and Building Information Management

The beta version is still undergoing further updating and refinements to comply with changes in standards/guidelines. Some of the references quoted in this beta version may not be up to date.

BSL would like to solicit views of stakeholders by publicizing the BEAM Plus New Buildings Assessment Tool v2.0 (beta version) in advance before the formal launch of the new Tool. Your valuable input is instrumental in perfecting the Tool for more effective advancement of green environment and the well-being of our society.

Please note that this beta version is a draft document for consultation purpose and should not be treated as the final version or relied upon as the Tool in preparing for your submission for assessment when the v2.0 version of the Tool is officially launched.

Please download the
BEAM Plus New Buildings (NB) v2.0 (beta version) and express your views by responding through email to Ms. Katie YIM ( by 3 March 2019.


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