BEAM Plus Registered Project

Project Number Project Name Location Type * Owner/Applicant BEAM Pro NB / EB
2018-1168NB(R) Composite Development at 34-38 Belcher's Street, Hong Kong HK RS Harvest Treasure Limited WANG Yuan, Andy NB
2018-1167NB(M) Public Housing Development at Hiu Ming Street KLN MU Hong Kong Housing Authority JIANG Wei NB
2018-1166NB(G) Design and Construction of Inland Revenue Tower in Kai Tak Development Area KLN GIC Architectual Services Department DU Liping, Viki NB
2018-1165NB(R) Proposed Residential Development at No. 233 – 235, Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon KLN RS Noble Power Enterprises Limited IP Chee Wang, Rodney NB
2018-1164NB(R) 36A Braga Circuit KLN RS Hilltop Twins Holdings Limited Ir MO Cheung Ying, Eagle NB
2018-1163NB(M) Proposed Re-development at Nos. 201-203A Yee Kuk Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon KLN MU Cloud Peak Creation Limited Ir. MO Cheung Ying, Eagle NB
2018-1162NB(C) Proposed Commercial Building HK CM Eldridge Investments Limited N/A NB
2018-1161NB(C) No. 41 King Yip Street, Hong Kong KLN CM Uni Trinity Development Limited CHOI Lok Tin, Nelson NB
2018-1160NB(R) Residential Development at 90 Peak Road, Hong Kong HK RS KWOK May Han, Grace Premier Zone Ltd NB
2018-1159NB(R) Residential Development at 86-88 Peak Road, Hong Kong HK RS Carino Ford Limited KWOK May Han, Grace NB

Type *
CM : Commercial
IS : Institutional
MU : Mixed Use
RS : Residential
ID : Industrial
O : Other
GV : Government
GIC : Government, Institutional and Community
H : Hotel
R : Retails