BEAM Plus Registered Project

Project Number Project Name Location Type * Owner/Applicant BEAM Pro NB / EB
2019-1185NB(G) WSD Headquarters with Hong Kong and Island Regional Office and CSD Headquarters Building in Chai Wan HK GIC Architectural Services Department IP Wai Hang, Pat NB
2019-1184NB(C) No. 238-240 Wanchai Road HK CM Goodpex Development Limited N/A NB
2019-1183NB(M) Public Housing Development at Ching Hong Road North, Tsing Yi, Phase 1, Phase 2 NT MU Hong Kong Housing Authority Ir IP Chee Wang, Rodney NB
2019-1182NB(R) Proposed Residential Development at Kwu Tung South, Sheung Shui, N.T., Lot No. 2579, in D.D. No. 92 NT RS Base One Limited N/A NB
2019-1181NB(G) Proposed Refuse Collection Point at Wing Hong Street KLN GIC Bonson Holdings Limited CHOW Ka Ming, Kelvin NB
2019-1180NB(R) Proposed Residential Building at No.1 Wood Road HK RS Wood One Keeprich Limited CHAN Chi Keung, Peter NB
2019-1179NB(C) Hotel Development at Nos. 1-3 Granville Circuit KLN H Amtec Investment Limited CHAU Yim No, Laraine NB
2019-1178NB(R) Proposed Composite Building at Nos. 3-13 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon. KLN RS Fancy Million Limited NB
2019-1177NB(O) Proposed Comprehensive Development at TMTL No. 463, Siu Sau Tsuen, Tuen Mun - Refuse Collection Point and Public Latrine NT O "Galaxy Power Investment Limited and New Dragon Limited" LAM Wah Keung NB
2019-1176NB(C) 157 – 159 Johnston Road, Wanchai HK CM F.L. Land & Investment (HK) Company Limited CHEUNG Wai Hin, Andy NB

Type *
CM : Commercial
IS : Institutional
MU : Mixed Use
RS : Residential
ID : Industrial
O : Other
GV : Government
GIC : Government, Institutional and Community
H : Hotel
R : Retails