To upkeep BEAM Plus assessment as a compatible assessment tool for the industry, BEAM Society Limited (BSL) is progressively introducing the updated submission template or ‘e-Form’ into the assessment practice. The e-Form is a set of standardised submission template aiming to provide the Applicants with the standardised guidance to prepare the assessment deliverables for the BEAM Plus assessment.

I. Overview

The e-Form has gone through a vigorous preparation process. In formulating the e-Form, BSL has consulted our BEAM Pros and BEAM Assessors on the essential parameters and requirements needed to build a compatible assessment process under the e-Form. BSL has also conducted trial test of the e-Form against existing projects to ensure that the requirement of the e-Form is simple, transparent and coherent for the assessment. Prior to the issuance of the e-Form, we worked with our expert panel members in aligning the e-Form against the technical requirement, so that each of the e-Form meets the requirement and objective stipulated in the BEAM Plus Manual, Technical Circular and FAQ.

Four core components are built into each of the e-Form.

1. Each of the e-Form are provided with the necessary guidance to guide the Applicant into preparing the proper submittal to meet the requirement of the credit.

2. Standardised calculation template is built into each of the e-Form to facilitate Applicants in preparing calculations to meet computational requirement.

3. Compliance checking is in place to guide the Applicant into entering the appropriate information for the assessment.

4. Linkage table is provided in each of the e-Form to draw the relationship between the sections of the e-Form against the requirements stipulated in the Manual, Technical Circular and FAQ. These four components are essential in providing the necessary standardization and compatibility in the assessment.

II. Download

e-Form are now available for all credits under the BEAM Plus New Buildings v.1.2 and are progressively rolling out for BEAM Plus Existing Buildings v.2.0. Please click the links below to download the e-Form.



Assessment Tool


Release Date


BEAM Plus New Buildings v.1.2 (excel version)
*Date of last update: 30 October 2020

e-Form for All Credits

5 June 2020

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings v.2.0 (Selective Scheme) (excel version)

e-Form for MAN Aspect

6 Nov 2019

BEAM Plus Existing Buildings v2.0 (Selective Scheme) (excel version)

e-Form for EU Aspect

1 Sep 2021



III. Guidance Note

Step-by-step guidance on the usage of the e-Form can be download by clicking the image below. Please read the guidance note carefully before using the e-Form to prepare for the assessment submission.

IV. Views and Comments

We welcome all comments and feedbacks that contribute to the improvement of the e-Form. Please send your comments and enquiries to [email protected]