Q1. I moved into my office five years ago. Can I use the BEAM Plus Interiors assessment tool to certify the fitting-out work?

Yes, your existing office fit-out can be assessed if you are able to satisfy BSL that you kept adequate records of the fit-out project to enable assessment. There will be a one-time additional fee charged by BSL for verifying the completeness and adequacy of such records prior to project registration.

Q2. I am only renovating part of the 2,500 sqm office, can that area alone be certified?

Yes, but because the requirements for compliance would not be met, a poor result would be expected.

Q3. I am designing a new 1,000 sqm office with a 20 sqm pantry/kitchen. Can the kitchen area be excluded from assessment using BEAM Plus Interiors?

No. Only mainly uninhabited spaces can be considered for exclusion. Kitchen/pantries tend to become the "heart" of the office and thus cannot be excluded.

Q4. If I choose to locate my new office within a Grade B or C commercial building, will I suffer any disadvantage?

No. This rating tool is structured to cope with different buildings types.

Q5. My building is not BEAM certified. Can I still apply for BEAM Plus Interiors certification for my office?

Yes. Even if the host building is not BEAM certified you can apply for and obtain certification under BEAM Plus Interiors. The target of the assessment is the fitting-out project, although green characteristics of the host building qualify for additional credits

Q6. If I move into a new retail shop, can the fitting-out be assessed under BEAM Plus Interiors or BEAM Plus NB?

It should be assessed under BEAM Plus Interiors. We recommend that you engage a BEAM Professional at the earliest opportunity.

Q7. My shop doesn’t have any toilet facilities, can Water Use credits be excluded?

No. You, your staff, and customers will use water resources; the shared facilities can be assessed.

Q8. I cannot open the windows in my office. Can I apply for BEAM Plus Interiors certification for the fitting-out?

Yes. Many high-rise buildings restrict operation of windows. This will not affect certification under BEAM Plus Interiors provided adequate fresh air is provided for your unit.

Q9. My office HVAC system has special time controls operated only by the landlord. Can I claim Energy Use 1 is N/A (not applicable)?

No. Promoting energy efficiency in buildings is one of the main tenets of BEAM and consequently strictly enforced using ALL rating tools. For this credit Applicants must demonstrate how their own actions result in energy savings in the operation of their unit.

Q10. My fit-out contractor lost the construction records. Can I claim N/A?

No. The overriding principle here is no records means no credit.

Q13. I have a combined retail and office space. Can I apply for BEAM Plus Interiors certification?

Yes. The whole area can be assessed. We recommend that you engage a BEAM Professional at the earliest opportunity.

Q14. My building has twin potable water tanks on the roof. Can I earn credit under BEAM Plus Interiors?

Yes. Shared, common area facilities such as the twin potable water tanks you mentioned can be rewarded under BEAM Plus Interiors, as long as the required evidence and documentation is provided. 

Q15. Is there a cut off time for assessment submission?

Yes, submission for BEAM Plus Assessment received after 12:00 noon will be recorded and processed on the following working day.

Q16. For BEAM Plus Interiors Version 1.0, Would a new table constructed from salvaged and recycled materials be counted as new or reused furniture?

Where documentation is provided to demonstrate that the furniture is constructed from 100% salvaged materials, it shall be classified as ‘reused’. The onus is upon the Applicant to provide detail justification for the material and its source.
Since the calculation of "reuse” by weight, partial salvaged materials should be counted for the re-constructed furniture if the salvaged materials are more than 50% with sufficient documents to prove the weight. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q17. For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, our office fitout project is located overseas, and no local laboratory can provide a HOKLAS certificate, what alternative laboratory certification is permitted for water quality testing?

The Applicant may submit the credentials of the proposed governmental or national level laboratory, with similar quality control standards as HOKLAS, for TRC approval. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q18. For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, we have an existing 42” LED television set to be reused in the new office, does it also require an energy label?

Existing equipment reused is activity encouraged. An energy label is not required for reused existing electrical appliances. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q19. For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, the BEAM manual refers to The Quality Water Recognition Scheme For Buildings (QWRSFB) but it does not exist?

In March 2015 the Quality Water Recognition Scheme For Buildings (QWRSFB) was re-titled The Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings – Fresh and Flushing Water (QWSSFB). And both types of certificate are deemed to conform to the BEAM Plus requirement. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q20. For BEAM Plus Interiors version 1.0, can a renovation of lift lobbies and/or communal lavatories of a building apply for assessment under the scheme?

No. BEAM Plus Interiors is designed for normally occupied spaces within non-domestic buildings. Lift lobbies and lavatories are not considered as normally occupied space, therefore both are not eligible for assessment of BEAM Plus Interiors. (Released on 19 April 2016)

Materials Aspects

Q1. MA 2, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, is the ceiling area and carpet area counted if we intend to re-use the existing cellular office?

The intent of this credit is to encourage reuse of the existing facilities (internal walls) to avoid unnecessary landfill waste, therefore where the existing walls/doors are retained, the existing flooring and ceiling boundaries remain unchanged. In the calculation the ceiling area and flooring areas are NOT counted. Points are awarded as follows:
1 point for reusing at least 30% of prior condition walls, glazing[1], and doors
2 points for reusing at least 50% of prior condition walls, glazing[1], and doors
3 points for reusing at least 70% of prior condition walls, glazing[1], and doors
Note [1] In this context glazing means glass and glazing already installed, including glass within those internal walls or doors. It excludes the building envelope and the walls abutting the common area or adjacent unit. If new glazing is installed with an existing wall the area of opening shall be deduced from the wall area. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q2. MA 2, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, our perimeter office wall is also the building envelope, reusing the wall covering will be counted under MA 2?

No, the building envelope, and boundary wall if any, is excluded from assessment in MA 2. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q3. MA 3, For BEAM Plus Interiors Version 1.0, we are sourcing some of our furniture for our project from secondhand shop, how will that be assessed under MA 3?

Reusing secondhand furniture avoids transportation to landfill, obviates the need to procure new furniture and therefore averting the need for virgin materials, and avoiding the embedded manufacturing, processing and importation impacts. Secondhand furniture shall be classified as "reused” provided the secondhand source(s) of the furniture is clearly and completely documented. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q4. MA 3, for BEAM Plus Interiors version 1.0, how can I justify the weight (Mass in Kg) of the reused materials from salvaged furniture and partitions?

Loose Furniture and partitions:
Evidences such as weighting record, verification from third party etc. must be submitted to substantiate the claimed mass. 

Built-in Furniture and partitions:
Drawings of the furniture have to be submitted to demonstrate the location and the construction together with the calculation by formula showing the weight of the material used. The formula by using density of material x volume is acceptable. (Released on 9 August 2016)

Q5. MA 8, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, we will provide fabric curtains along the walls of the conference room. Does that wall covering also need to comply with MA 8 criteria?

Wall Covering means a material/fabric permanently fixed to the wall, for example a fabric covered panel. So curtains are not classified as a wall covering, and are not counted under MA 8. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q6. MA 9, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, we wish to reuse our existing office chairs, but they contain PVC material, does that comply with MA 9?

Only the new materials, specifically listed in the Manual are assessed. Therefore reusing the chairs with PVC content is acceptable. However, any new purchase must comply with the BEAM Plus requirement. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Energy Use

Q1. EU 2, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, what type of energy label is required for electrical equipment to conform with EU 2 criteria?

Electrical equipment that is governed (based on the date of project registration) under the EMSD Mandatory scheme Grade 1, EMSD voluntary scheme Grade 1, EMSD recognition scheme, or USA EPA Energy Star label scheme is accepted. HVAC equipment, lighting, lighting ballasts, task lighting, and the like, are deemed to be covered under EU 1 and therefore excluded from assessment under EU 2. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Water Use

Q1. WU 1, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, is a conceptual plumbing sketch satisfactory?

No. The As Fitted plumbing schematic (VPLD) and plumbing layout drawings, with sampling points highlighted (refer to template), shall be provided. The standard for the plumbing schematic drawings and layout drawings shall be at least WSD submission standard.
Conceptual documentation or sketch information does not meet the criteria. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q2. WU 4, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, we intend to use water barrel type for drinking water, will that comply with WU 4?

No, Plastic bottled water is not accepted, irrespective of size, therefore large plastic barrels, carboys, or bottles do not comply with WU 4. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)

Q3. WU 4, For BEAM Plus Interiors 1.0, if the drinking water provision is outside the project boundary, shall it be counted?

No, only the water provision within the project boundary shall be assessed. (Released on 29 Sept 2015)