IMS Objectives

1. Annual review of tools except those have been updated within the past 3 years

2. Compliance with BEAM Plus Assessment performance pledges

3. To deliver a combined total of ten (10) sessions of Training and Examination for  BEAM Professionals and BEAM Affiliate

4. To offer 3,500 CPD hours to BEAM practitioners annually

5. To deliver training of overall satisfaction level not less than the rating of 3.8 *Rating  scale of 1 (poor) –5 (excellent)

6. 11% year-on-year growth in the number of Members (Ordinary & Associate)

7. Handling of complaints: 1st reply within 5 business days, case closed within 20 working days for administrative issues and within
    60 for technical ones

8. Zero accidents at work

9. 5% energy annual reduction, rolling on a triennial basis