IMS Objectives

1. Annual review of tools except those have been updated within the past 3 years

2. Compliance with BEAM Plus Assessment performance pledges

3. To deliver a combined total of ten (10) sessions of Training and Examination for BEAM Professionals and BEAM Affiliate

4. To offer 3,500 CPD hours to BEAM practitioners annually

5. To deliver training of overall satisfaction level not less than the rating of 3.8 *Rating  scale of 1 (poor) –5 (excellent)

6. 11% year-on-year growth in the number of Members (Ordinary & Associate)

7. Handling of complaints: 1st reply within 5 business days, case closed within 20 working days for administrative issues and within
60 for technical ones

8. Zero accidents at work

9. 5% energy annual reduction, rolling on a triennial basis

10. Add to the workforce 1 qualified first aider annually

11. Organize consultation on occupational health and safety with staff once a year
12. Raise staff environmental awareness through training at least once a year

Notice to all visitors

To all visitors to BEAM Society Limited (BSL) premises:

BSL has established an Integrated Management System (IMS) to enhance its operational performance on quality, environmental and health & safety management. The IMS aims to ensure service provision conforms to specified requirements, including relevant statutory requirements and expectations of BSL’s stakeholders.

To achieve this, BSL seeks for the cooperation and understanding of all external parties* entering BSL premises. All external parties should:

- Become aware of the IMS Policy at BSL (
- Be accompanied by BSL staff at all times
- Follow the directions of BSL staff when emergency situations arise
- Report to BSL staff any environmental or health & safety issue they may encounter during the time they are on BSL premises
- Support BSL’s environmental and health & safely efforts to operate a zero waste, zero accident workplace
- Become familiar with guidelines from the Occupational Safety & Health Council relevant to the reason for your visit, examples of common situations are listed below:

o Safety and Health Handbook for Cleaning Industry清潔行業
o Safety Guide on Use of Working Platform使用工作台
o Preventing Slips and Trips at Work滑倒和絆倒

* External parties refer to non-staff members, and include, but are not limited to:
- Suppliers making deliveries
- Contractors working on-site
- Visitors attending meetings, training, examinations, and events