Vision & Mission

Vision Statement
A sustainable community and a green liveable built environment in harmony with nature.
Mission Statement
To administer and develop the BEAM Plus assessment tools, and build capacity in the community through education and training to advance health and well-being.
  • Improve the environmental performance of the built environment across their life cycle;
  • Provide healthier, higher quality, more durable and efficient working and living environments for users;
  • Build capacity in the industry to achieve the Vision and Mission;
  • Educate the Hong Kong community to embrace eco-efficiency and sustainability;
  • Combat climate change and contribute significantly towards sustainable development in Hong Kong;
  • Extend sound practices of BEAM Plus assessment tools beyond Hong Kong.

Society members work to continually enhance and refine BEAM to meet the expectations of all interested parties (in particular building users), and to encourage and assist the local building industry to move towards sustainable development.

Professional Management team of the organisation continuously reviews the BEAM assessment criteria to meet the expectations of all stakeholders (including developers, designers, regulatory authorities, contractors, managers occupiers and product / service providers) in both the private and public sectors.